Celliflore Infusion Digestion light Bio 24 sachets

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Juvamine Celliflore Digestion light is an infusion 5 herbal: - of fennel which contribute to the elimination of the Agency. functions - of Rosemary traditionnellemnt used to facilitate digestion - mint which supports the proper functioning of the intestinal tract - Chamomile and anise involved in digestive comfort refreshing and light, this BREW is flavoured with Mint with a subtle hint of anise.

Our tips for easier digestion:

-Focus from wheat or rye fibre-rich foods that promote intestinal transit.

-Take the time to properly chew.

-Think of hydrate enough and throughout the day.

Operating tips:

Infuse the bag in simmering water for 3 to 5 minutes. It is recommended to comply with the recommended doses.


Fennel (fruit) *: 40%, Rosemary (leaf) *: 20%, Spearmint (leaf) *: 20%, anise (seed) *: 10%, Chamomile Matricaria (flowering aerial parts) *: 5%, natural aroma of natural Menthearome of anise. * Ingredients of agricultural origin obtained according to the rules of organic production.


24 packets