CB12 Breath fresh mint light 250ml

CB12 is a mouthwash that fight against halitosis.

Manufacturer: CB12



SKU: 4120209 CB12 Mint light breath fresh 250ml


CB12 neutralizes the sulfur gases and prevents their formation, thus avoiding the bad breath. The unique patented combination of active agent of zinc associated with low doses of chlorhexidine allows a long-lasting 12 hours action, unparalleled and are able to eliminate all CSV (smelly sulfur derivatives) through a unique synergistic effect. Moreover, CB12 showed significantly greater efficacy against halitosis currently available alternative means.

CB12 Mint light tips:

250ml = 25 uses. remove the CAP which will serve as a Cup. The product down, press continuously on the top (red button) of the bottle pressurized CB12 to automatically deliver a dose of 10ml. Then, perform a gargle of mouth for 30 to 60 seconds and spit. long Action duration of 12 hours proven. Taste Minty.


zinc acetate, chlorhexidine diacetate, sodium fluoride (0.05%),. menthol