Casmara Nature bulbs Stabilizer anti-redness 5 bulbs

Solution for bearing the congestion and the delicate and sensitive skin reddening.
Manufacturer: Casmara


SKU 844370


Casmara Nature bulbs Stabilizer 5 bulbs is a solution for bearing the congestion and the reddening of skin delicate and sensitive, easily irritable, which show redness and a tendency to couperose.

for optimal action, Stabilizer contains 3 active :
-glycyrrhiza glabra or licorice, a powerful agent anti-irritant softening and regenerating epithelial tissue which helps the irritated skin or redness to regain its composition natural.
-allantoin which regenerates and multiplies them cells and cures skin irritations and other little graceful events.
-oat milk which offers incentives and control effects against sagging skin.

formula without fats should also be at the end of treatment. anti-sebum

contains 5 ampoules of 4 ml.


bulbs plastic

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