Carmex SPF15 balm moisturizing Lip Stick 4.25 g

SKU: 5132309 Carmex SPF15 balm moisturizer for the lips Stick 4.25 g

Lips are part of the more exposed areas cold and external aggressions. They are so fragile. That is why, they dry out and become dehydrated. It is therefore essential to provide special attention by taking the utmost care.


Carmex balm moisturizer is ideal treatment for damaged, chapped or dry lips. Indeed, this treatment enables:

  • relieve the lips

  • to soothe lips,

  • moisturize the lips,

  • and protect them from UV radiation thanks to its 15

Thus, day after day your lips to moisturize and heal. They become smooth and soft.

Tips for using Carmex SPF 15 balm moisturizer:

generously apply the balm layered uniform on the lips as often as needed.

Application of this balm is recommended before and after the application of lipstick to preserve and restore hydration.


This product is intended for external use.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Do not use in children under 3 years.