Canys line Habitat inside 500ml spray

Interior spray to eliminate fleas, ticks, cockroaches, larvae, ants...

Manufacturer: Canys

SKU: 7480204

Canys line Habitat inside 500 ml spray

Laboratory Canys develops your pet products dermatological, pest control, repellents, for nutrition and toilet as well as products to protect your home.


The Habitat range offers products to protect your environment.

Line Interior Habitat spray is a spray to remove:

  • fleas,

  • mites,

  • ticks,

  • fleas,

  • cafars,

  • ants,...


This interior spray is designed to eliminate ticks, lice, fleas, mosquitoes and mites through 4 actions of your environment:

  • 1 double prompt and effective action that destroys parasites,

  • 1 building synergistic pest control, activity

  • 1 long action on the eggs and larvae to eliminate hatching and growth of new parasites,

  • 1 action on mites that may cause allergies.

operating Canys line Habitat Interior spray tips:

Spray once a month on the areas to be treated: niches, baskets, rugs, carpeting, baseboards, car,...

Does not stain.


Do not use on animals, humans and plants.

Keep away from children.

Avoid the projection on the eyes.