Canys line Habitat diffuser Insecticide 150ml

Insecticide diffuser to eliminate ticks, mites, and the larva of your habitat.

Manufacturer: Canys

SKU: 7242025

Canys line Habitat diffuser Insecticide 150 ml

The laboratory Canys develops your pet products dermatological, pest control, repellents, for nutrition and toilet as well as products to protect your home.


The Habitat range offers products to protect your environment.

Line Habitat diffuser Insecticide to remove:

  • ticks, fleas and lice,

  • mites,

  • eggs and larvae of parasites.


This insecticide diffuser contains a synergistic association:

  • Permethrin, insecticide and acaricide powerful,

  • S-Methoprene, larvicidal insect growth hormone analogue

  • Piperonyl butoxide for immediate and sustained action.

Tips for using Canys Habitat diffuser Insecticides:

Close all windows and vents sources. Open interior doors and cabinets. Protect food and tableware.

Place the diffuser at the centre of the area to be treated. Push the tab to activate the automatic system, it is therefore impossible to stop.

Leave the area to treat up to complete emptying of the diffuser. Wait for about 3 hours, and then ventilate the treated parts.


Does not stain and leaves no unpleasant odours.

In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with water.

Protect solar radiation.