Canys line dog toilet-Express Lotion 200ml

lotion toilet-express for dog without rinsing for perfect hygiene.

Manufacturer: Canys

SKU: 4896513

Canys line dog toilet-Express Lotion 200ml

Laboratory Canys develops your pet products dermatological, pest control, repellents, for nutrition and toilet.


The line range dog toilet without flushing offers products for the toilet and the beauty of your dog or puppy without the need to get it wet or rinse.

Toilet-Express line dog Lotion is a lotion cleanser suitable for:

  • hygiene dog and puppy,

  • partial, soiling

  • sensitive and delicate skins

  • animals supporting not water

  • frequent use.


Lotion toilet-Express was designed to clean gently and rinse the dog or puppy. This lotion helps facilitate the hair brushing and active brilliance.

In addition, it allows a toilet in all seasons, without water, without rinsing and so without the risk of cooling.

Slightly alcoholic and natural essential oils, this lotion brings a tonic and deodorizing action. Enriched with moisturising action of the epidermis glycerine.

Tips for using Canys line dog Lotion toilet-Express:

Dampen a washcloth of the lotion. Rub thoroughly locally or all of coat.

Can be used on the stomach, breasts and genitals.

Renew the application if necessary and then brushing.