Canys line dog shampoo Nutri-Detangler 200ml

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Canys line dog shampoo Nutri-Detangler 200 ml

Canys specialises in veterinary products. Indeed, it offers products suitable for dogs and cats for their toilet, their health or their behavior.


the range line dog toilet & beauty offers products for the toilet and the beauty of your dog or your puppy.

Line dog shampoo Nutri-conditioning is indicated for:

  • restore gloss,

  • facilitate the Detangling,

  • the hygiene of long-haired dogs thin and difficult to untangle,

  • all hairs,

  • frequent use.


Shampoo Detangling Nutri Canys laboratory is a mild emulsion and conditioner specially formulated for sensitive skin and delicate coat of long-haired dogs.

Facilitates the untangling of the wet hair and daily brushing.

, For the beauty of the hair, it contains agents pantyhose that provide volume and shine.

Tips for using Canys dog shampoo Nutri-conditioning:

Apply a small amount of shampoo on the wet hair.

Massage carefully to properly distribute the foam and emulsify the dirt. Extend the massage especially matted areas.

Rinse in lukewarm water.

Renew a second if necessary application.

Wipe and proceed immediately to the combing and drying.