Canys line dog shampoo Dermo-protector SH - TH 200ml

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Canys line dog shampoo Dermo-protector SH - TH 200 ml

Canys specialises in veterinary products. Indeed, it offers products suitable for dogs and cats for their toilet, their health or their behavior.


the range line dog Dermato offers products to take care of the fragile skin of your dog or puppy.

Line dog shampoo Dermo-protector is indicated for:

  • skin sensitive and delicate dog,

  • irritated, fragile skins

  • skin diseases.


This dermo-protective shampoo is recommended in the case of fragility of the skin and the dog's coat. Indeed, it calms irritation and rehydrates the skin.

In addition, it prepares the use of treatments prescribed by veterinarians during skin.

The lipester of silk-serine it contains protects anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It respects the balance of skin flora.

The presence of silk and serine performs a restorative, hydrating and restructuring activity on the skin and coat of the animal.

, Your pet's skin is soothed.

line dog shampoo Dermo-Protecteur operating tips:

Apply a small amount of shampoo on the wet coat and massage carefully to properly allocate foam.

Rinse in lukewarm water.

Renew if necessary application.

Wipe and proceed immediately to the combing and drying.