Canys Dog Line Skin Care Lotion Spray 75ml

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Canys Dog Line Lotion Skin Care Spray 75ml
The Canys laboratory, a veterinary specialist, develops products suitable for each dog and each cat. In fact, the ranges it offers are intended for the toilet, behavior, hygiene and care of your pet.

The Ligne Chien dermato range offers products designed to take care of your dog or puppy daily to provide comfort and well-being.
Dog Skin Care Lotion Line is indicated for:
  • fragile and irritated skin,
  • skin conditions, and
  •  itching .

Skin care lotion cleans, protects and calms fragile skin of dogs. Silk serine lipester provides anti-bacterial and antifungal protection. In addition, it respects the balance of the skin flora thanks to its fragrance-free formula.

The presence of silk and serine amino acids has a restorative and hydrating activity.

Your pet’s skin is soothed.


For dogs

Directions for use

Spray the lotion on a compress or cotton. Then, apply to the fragile skin two to three times a week.
Do not rinse off.


Lipester® C8SS 7030, dermophilic excipient


75ml spray