Canys line dog Anti-Mordillage Spray 150ml

spray anti-mordillage puppy to protect your items, your tissues and your furniture.

Manufacturer: Canys

SKU: 6339426

Canys line dog Anti-Mordillage Spray 150 ml

Laboratory Canys develops your pet products dermatological, pest control, repellents, for nutrition and toilet.


Range line dog Special puppy offers products to complete your puppy education.

Line Craps n Anti-Mordillage is a noted anti-mordillage spray:

  • to protect objects, fabrics, dressings and bandages against nibbling,

  • to be used locally on coat.

It is odourless and does not stain.


Spray anti-mordillage is intended for puppies to their education. It was created to avoid that puppy does not bite the pillows, carpets, furniture, shoes, feet the interiors of cars,...

It can also be sprayed on a bandage, bandage or directly on the coat of the puppy to protect.

Tips for using line dog Anti-Mordillage:

Shake the aerosol before use.

Spray to 20cm of the object or fabric to protect.

Renew the application in a regular manner up to the judgment of the nipping and perfect puppy education.