Canys dog cat Shampoo 200ml Insect-Limit

repellent shampoo dog and cat to clean, clean up their skin and take off their coat nits. Learn more
Manufacturer: Canys


SKU 4896499 Canys dog cat Shampoo 200 ml Insect-Limit

Canys, specialist veterinary laboratory, develops products designed to take care of your cat or your dog.


Dog cat repellent is a range designed to repel insects for your pets.

Dog cat shampoo Insect-Limit is a repulsive lotion suitable for:

  • the coat of your animal hygiene

  • facilitate detachment of nits,

  • all types of hair.


Insect-Limit the natural essential oils shampoo cleans and sanitizes smooth skin and coat for your pet. Associated with an agent cider vinegar Detangling facilitates separation of any remaining nits.

dog cat shampoo Insect-Limit operating tips:

Good wet the animal in warm water before any application.

Apply the shampoo throughout the coat, avoiding eyes.

Massage and rub a few minutes. Then, rinse, make a second application if needed.

Finally, dry and comb.

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