Camo Lid Compresses ophtalmic at Chamomile 15 bags of 2 pads

compresses sterile dose Chamomile for system and clean the abnormal secretions of eyelids.

Manufacturer: Horus Pharma

SKU: 9830565 Camo Lid Compresses ophtalmic at Chamomile 15 bags of 2 pads

A daily eyelid hygiene is essential to prevent and calm a chronic inflammation of the free edge of the eyelids. Indeed, if the eyelid becomes red and painful, it is inflamed. It is therefore essential to relieve the inflammation.


Camo Lid contains sterile ophthalmic compresses Chamomile and Matricaria Chamomile Hydrosol dose.

Camo Lid cutback, expresses and cleans the abnormal palpebral gland secretions.

Camo Lid is indicated for relieve the symptoms associated with the palpebral gland dysfunction. Soft and warm massage of eyelids and eyelashes with Calmo Lid base allows to decongest dilation and mucus fludification.

Camo Lid contains a distillate of Chamomile to the calming, soothing, emollient, cleansing properties that participates in the reduction of inflammation.

Tips for using Camo Lid:

Daily use Camo Lid.

Wash hands before use.

Maintain a single dose for 1 minute in a glass of water as hot as possible.

Then open the Unidose device and drop half of its contents on a sterile pad. Place the other half on an another compress for the second eye.

Apply impregnated and warm compresses on the eyelids closed for at least 5 minutes.

Gently massage with circular movements for at least 5 minutes.

Clean the base of the eyelashes to remove impurities.


This product contains 15 bags of 2 non woven sterile ophthalmic compresses and 15 single doses of 5 ml of Chamomile Matricaria sterile and preservative-free Hydrosol.