Calmosine sleep Bio 14 pods

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CALMOSINE sleep is dietary supplement of natural and gentle, family purpose, composed of aqueous extracts of plants.

CALMOSINE sleep is a drink to find quiet nights.

The Melissa helps decrease agitation, to facilitate sleep and improves the quality of sleep.

By its soothing virtues, the Verbena helps find a regular sleep.

The blossom brings delicate flavour to the formula.

For the manufacture of CALMOSINE sleep LAUDAVIE laboratories have made the choice to select plants of organic farming, which is grown by farmers engaged in an approach of respect for the environment from the outset.

The CALMOSINE sleep range is certified organic.

directions for use:

From 1 year.

A taste appreciated by the small and the large.

Easy to use (ready to use).

In children 1 to 7 years: 1 pod of 10 ml

For children over 7 years: 2 pods of 10 ml CALMOSINE sleep Bio can be given over a period of 2 weeks.

Single-use pods should be discarded after opening.


The composition of CALMOSINE sleep is for pods (10 ml): water, extracted from plants * (vegetable Glycerin, lemon balm leaves *-[Melissa officinalis], verbena leaves *-[Aloysia Triphylla]), orange blossom *-[Citrus aurantium], fructose syrup *, acidifier: citric acid * from biological farming quantity expressed as dry plants for a shot of 10 ml (1 pod): Melissa (leaves) - 320 mg Verbena (leaves) - 60 mg quantity expressed as dry plants for 20 ml (2 pods) taking : Melissa (leaves) - 640 mg Verbena (leaves) - 120 mg


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