Braun Age Precision Digital thermometer

digital thermometer to measure in 8 seconds and temperature accurately.
Manufacturer: Braun
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SKU: 6720009 Braun Age Precision Digital thermometer


Age Precision thermometer is a thermometer digital, with color screen, optimized for measurements under the armpit. It measures precisely and in 8 seconds the temperature.

Fever varies with age. Indeed, a normal body temperature in a child of 4 years can be considered as fever in infants.

The Age Precision thermometer helps to interpret the temperature depending on the age.

Usage is convenient and simple thanks to its color code:

  • green for normal, temperature

  • yellow for a high temperature

  • Red to a high temperature.

Braun thermometer Age Precision operating tips:

Press Age Precision to select age.

Action by putting the thermometer in the armpit.

Evaluate the temperature using the color code.


Flexible thermometer.

Battery supplied 3V.