Brand green thermometer Digifront Compact Digital front-end

digital forehead thermometer to allow simple and fast body temperature measurements.

Manufacturer: Marque Verte

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SKU: 4847673 brand green Digifront Compact Digital forehead thermometer


Digifront Compact is a digital forehead thermometer indicated to allow simple and fast body temperature measurements.

This thermometer measures temperature with infrared technology. Infrared energy is issued by the skin of the forehead over the sourcilliere area and the surrounding tissue. This energy is collected by the lens and converted to a temperature indication.

After a sweep of 3 seconds above the eyebrows, the measure appears on the screen. The temperature display is colored:

  • green for a reading less than 37.5 C,

  • Red for above 37.5 C measurement.

Users have the ability to call the last 12 recorded measurements when the unit is in memory mode.

Digifront Compact thermometer operating tips:

Refer to the detailed instructions provided in the box.

After using the thermometer, clean the tip with a cloth dampened with alcohol.


Model FR 100