Brand green Pro round cushion diameter 45 cm

round cushion inflatable made of natural rubber, 45 cm

Manufacturer: Marque Verte

SKU: 7124745 Mark Green Pro round cushion diameter 45 cm


Mark Green Pro 45 cm diameter round cushion were specifically developed to maintain the injured parties patients with hemorrhoids or bedsores by examples.

Pharmacists are responsible for designing the brand green products, they are thus subject to tests and controls of quality.

The Mark Green PRO, specializing in devices and medical devices, takes advantage of the legacy of the pharmacist cooperation that ensures simple and reliable products in accordance with our conditions of life.

removable in brass plug form buoy.


for comfort post-operative patients who have undergone surgery or suffering from severe skin lesions (sores, hemorrhoids,...).

operating tips

unscrew the CAP, inflate and retighten.

must be pumped up to one third of its volume.

contains LaTeX, avoid direct contact with the injured party.

good clean pad, rinse it, dry it and deflate after each use. Store in a place away from humidity, light and temperature.


contains no phthalates.

natural rubber.

removable plug brass.