Bouillet sweetener plant powder 45g

SKU: 9671279 Bouillet sweetener plant powder 45 g

Description: at our time, many of our foods are made up of added sugars while we we realise: the daily needs carbohydrate for the body of 50 g/day, a study shows that intakes of sugars are rather 90 g/day and can contribute to weight gain. To help you reduce your consumption of sugar, BOUILLET laboratories put at your disposal the sweetener from the Stevia plant Properties: sweetener plant contains : a Stevia Extract The Stevia is a plant native to South America that leaves Rebaudioside a, a natural sweetener with high power sweetness (300 times greater than that of sugar) but without calorie intake results : sweetener plant used to sweeten your hot drinks, desserts or your dairy products without calories. operating tips: a teaspoon is enough to sweeten as a normal sugar.