Botot mouthwash 500ml bottle water

Botot mouthwash 500ml with natural essences is purifying and refreshing for optimal oral hygiene.
Manufacturer: Botot


SKU 9000379 Botot mouthwash 500 ml


Botot mouthwash 500 ml with natural essences is purifying and refreshing, for hygiene oral optimal.

This bath of mouth unique and authentic formula is used daily without dilution allowing of :
-provide oral hygiene perfect thanks to the antibacterial agents,
-sustainably freshen breath with the unique taste of cloves, cinnamon and mint.

Bottle family size.

directions for use:

Twice daily after brushing, fill half a CAP without diluting. Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds and then spit.


Purifying and refreshing water for oral hygiene.

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