Boston Simplus multifunctionality for lenses rigid 120ml


SKU: 4273640 Boston Simplus multifunctionality for lenses rigid 120ml

description: Boston Simplus multifunction Solution is an innovative solution for cleaning, decontamination, and conservation for the (RPG) gas permeable rigid lenses. designed fluoro silicone acrylate and silicone acrylate. oxygen permeable rigid lenses Boston Simplus removes stubborn deposits of lenses. This solution is also designed to rinse the lenses by eliminating residual deposits from the surface of the lens. a multi-polymere system improves the lubrication of the lens, providing more comfort to the installation. a patented moisturizing agent maintains the wettability of the lens. This formula provides a soothing effect to your eyes. it also contains a system of effective conservation to remove pathogenic organisms. This solution is also effective for cleaning and decontamination and is biocompatible with your eyes at time of installation. Instructions : remove security from the bottle. Do not use the solution if this security seal is broken or missing. -wash hands thoroughly before handling your lenses with a SOAP mild. -put the lens in the empty Holster and fill it with new solution. Soak for at least four hour or overnight before replacing your lenses. -after soaking, remove each lens of the case and gently massage each side of lenses, with two to four drops of Boston Simplus, in the Palm of your hand for twenty seconds. -rinse for about five seconds with a steady stream of Boston Simplus to remove surface detached. -always to clean the inside of the case with hot water and the drying in the open air.