Boiron Homeodent care whiteness chlorophyll 75ml toothpaste


SKU: 4633601 Homeodent care whiteness chlorophyll 75 ml toothpaste

Overview : Homeodent care whiteness is the answer for those who wish to restore the natural whiteness of their teeth. Le Romarin : The Rosmarinus officinalis limit the appearance of plaque bacterial, responsible for not only the formation of tartar and the occurrence of caries but also unsightly staining of the enamel. The Calendula : The Calendula officinalis softens and fight against the infections. The Witch Hazel : the Hamamelis virginiana has soothing virtues and is involved in the protection of vessels. blood sodium Bicarbonate : Baking soda micro-sprayed polishes teeth gently and thus restores their whiteness while respecting their email. Sodium fluoride + Sodium Monofluorophosphate : 2 fluorine salts association allows a better fixing of it on the teeth and helps prevent cavities as well as to strengthen the enamel of the teeth. silica : silicas have been selected so as to thoroughly clean the teeth and remove plaque without damaging the teeth and gums.