Boho Green Revolution Liner 02 blue

bio liner, intense blue colour.
Manufacturer: Boho
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Boho Green Revolution Liner 02 blue


The Eyeliner liquid Bio "Green Liner" Boho Green Revolution intensifying your look highlighting the contour of your eyes. Its natural 100% fluid formula takes care of the eyelids through the gum acacia softening and anti-oxidant Clary. The Eyeliner natural BO HO is equipped with a felt rigid and precise tip that allows you to easily draw your stroke of liner. Discreet make-up, doe-eyed, pointe point retro way... all looks are possible with Green Liner bio Boho.

Boho Green Liner blue operating tips: take your Eyeliner, open it and remove the excess material on the edge to prevent smearing. Apply the liner flush with upper and/or lower eyelashes up slightly on the outer corner of the eye. There is more to apply your Boho Green organic mascara with eyeliner.