Boho Green Revolution Gloss 03 Hazel

Gloss N 03 - Hazel to sublimate lips while moisturizing

Manufacturer: Boho

SKU: 2017094 boho Green Revolution Gloss 03 Hazel


This gloss 03 Hazel lets shine lips and color while hydrating and with flavour grapefruit light


This gloss, certified organic by Cosmebio allows to sublimate lips staining. It brings protection and hydration to the lips thanks to its formula rich in active plant and it enjoys excellent.

directions for use:

This bio gloss applies directly on the lips for a shiny effect or small button over a red lipstick to enhance colour.


Applies every day, or also in editing if necessary in the day.


-Based castor oil, oil and wax with apricot, essential oil of grapefruit, 99% of natural origin and up to 81% organic, paraben, phenoxyethanol, no PEG, without petrochemical derivatives without.