Boho Green Revolution corrector 04 Beige glow

Correction to correct the imperfections of the face
Manufacturer: Boho


SKU 2017104


This 04 Beige Tan corrector allows to correct all the imperfections of the face, dark circles and bags under the eyes and it is very easy to use thanks to its size in ready to use stick.


This spell, certified organic by Cosmebio, allows to correct blemishes, dark circles, bags under the eyes. It is true hook light, and allows to shape the contours of the face.

Tips to use:

This bio corrector is directly applicable on the face, areas to correct, and very easily thanks to its stick format. It can also be applied to the brush for more precise.


Applies every day, or also in editing if necessary in the day.


A base of beeswax, olive oil, Babassu wax and essential oil of grapefruit, 100% of natural origin and 25% organic, paraben, phenoxyethanol, no PEG, without petrochemical derivatives without.



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