Boho Green Revolution 03 apricot blush

Blush for shaping the face and give a good effect mine

Manufacturer: Boho

SKU: 2017117 boho Green Revolution 03 apricot blush


EC 03 apricot blush way of structuring the face and give effect immediate good-looking


This blush, certified organic by Cosmebio, allows you to sculpt the face and give it a good effect mine with an apricot tinge. Ultra fine texture allows a very easy application and an outfit all day.

directions for use:

This blush applies with a blush brush. He must collect the powder with brush, smile, and the material on the most salient point of the cheekbones. Then, just to spread the material back.


Applies every day after unifying its complexion, can also be applied in retourche in the day.


A base of olive oil and wax with apricot oil and corn, 99% of natural origin and 10% organic, paraben, phenoxyethanol, no PEG, without petrochemical derivatives without.