Bloxaphte bath of mouth without alcohol 100ml


SKU: 4859943 Bloxaphte bath of mouth without alcohol 100 ml

indications : quickly reduces pain by barrier effect, promotes healing canker sores, stomatitis aphateuses, recurrent ulcerative lesions of the cavity oral. the canker sore is a characteristic inflammatory manifestation of the onset of ulcerative lesions of the oral cavity with a local pain the BLOXAPHTE range is a complete range against canker sores for the whole family, it can be used in maintenance and local care. It contains high molecular weight hyaluronic acid This care allows a rapid reduction in pain thanks to its insulating power and power moisturizer. It promotes healing of aphthous ulcers and reduces their number. The formula without alcohol and sugar. operating tips: perform mouthwash with 10 ml of product 2-3 times per day or more if needed. in case of recurring ulcers , the continued use of the bath of mouth can promote preventive action on the oral cavity whole.