Bloxang box 5 gelatin sponges

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Sterile absorbable gelatin sponge ensuring hemostasis and treatment of sores and nosebleeds.

Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb

SKU: 7465073 Bloxang box 5 gelatin sponges

description: Bloxang is a sterile absorbable gelatin sponge. Its microporous structure allows the activation of coagulation. Sponge is characterized by a strong absorption capacity of blood and exudates. has a ph neutral and presents a good tissue tolerance form compresses, Bloxang is unraveling in 2 to 3 days. 4 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm, packaged sterile. Composition: 100 mg Bloxang correspond to 100 mg gelatin (gelatine of porcine origin). Indication / use : Bloxang is designed in local haemostatic treatment, discontinuation of light means the nose bleeds and in the treatment of wound surface. operating instructions: Bloxang should be removed from its packaging in conditions preserving its sterility. it is recommended to moisten Bloxang when the wound is dry and apply it dry on a wound moist. on skin for minor wounds apply Bloxang is dry , is dampened. Bloxang can be cut according to the dimensions and the shape of the wound using scissors sterilized and secured with a bandage. In the case of nose bleeds Bloxang stick must be inserted into the nostril concerned. stick can be slightly model to get a better introduction. for hemostatic effect Bloxang should be left in place until the bleeding stops. At the touch of a seeping wound, Bloxang form a gel, which protects the wound and a renewal of the bandage without pain and respecting the epithelium (superficial layer of the skin). if nose bleeding persists after the use of a second stick of Bloxang , see a doctor. operating tips: Application: do not apply Bloxang on an infected wound or wounds with inflammatory exudates. Do not use Bloxang on surgical skin sutures as the lips of the wound healing process can be affected. in case of bleeding of the nose in infants and patients with disorders of consciousness Bloxang should only be used after consulting medical. no secondary effect is known to date. do not apply in the event of damage to the packaging , sterility was no longer warranty. Bloxang must not be re-sterilized or re-used. exit packaging: initially, detach a compress of the blister at the level of the perforations. Remove the protective film carefully by pulling on the tab indicated by an arrow. The sterile sponge can then be output in accordance with the rules of asepsis. Conservation: store in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25 c. Bloxang should be used immediately after removal of the packaging. do not use beyond the specified date.



Number of reviews : 22
Average rating : 4.9 /5
B. Georges
  the 11/05/2018
5/ 5
Pratique pour les gens hémophile et sous anti coagulants , ce qui est mon cas.
B. Pascal
  the 27/03/2018
4/ 5
G. Nathalie
  the 28/02/2018
4/ 5
Pratique pour stopper les hémorragies nasales.
C. Christiane
  the 28/02/2018
5/ 5
Produit de bonne qualité et pas toujours disponible en pharmacie
B. Emmanuel
  the 25/09/2017
5/ 5
ok ;-)