Bloxair bloating colic drops oral 20ml

Drops oral Bloxair reduce bloating and colic.
Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
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SKU 4900076 Bloxair bloating colic drops oral 20Ml


Drops oral Bloxair to reduce bloating and colic, flatulence and disorders dyspeptic, and in the case of treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. They agree to adult, child and infant.

directions for use:

Bloxair drops oral is a gastric feature suspension, consisting of Simeticone to reduce bloating, decrease the surface tension of air bubbles and facilitate their elimination. Bloxair drops also contain probiotics (Bacillus Coagulans) at the rate of 1.5 billion bacteria per gram, to restore the balance of the digestive and intestinal flora.


Adults and children: 20 drops, possibly diluted in a liquid, 2 to 4 times a day, preferably after meals. Shake well before use. Infants: 10 drops 2-4 times per day or in accordance with the advice of a physician. Safety precautions: keep out of reach of children. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to one of the components. In case of pregnancy or nursing, consult a doctor first. The presence of Bacillus coagulans can affect the organoleptic characteristics of the product and changes in color and/or taste can be detected without any degradation of quality. Reference: Acl 5162109Code EAN: 4049649000763 our opinion: this medical device (class IIa) complies with this is very effective in cases of bloating and colic in the family. Bloxair is not expensive and is available for purchase at the drugstore Naocia.

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