Bledilait milk 1 Age Premium 800g


SKU 8133597 Bldilait Lait 1er Age Premium 800G


Thanks to its consistency thickened, it responds specifically to the progressive development of the digestive functions of the infant. By its composition, it covers the nutritional needs of your child from birth to 4 months of age and thus promotes the harmonious and no shortage of baby growth.

directions for use:

Prepare the bottle just before the meal. Always use 1 measuring scoop of powder in 30ml of water. Agitate horizontally for about ten seconds. Then shake it vertically. Once prepared, it is recommended to consume the bottle in half an hour. Follow the advice of your physician for the use of infant milk and feed your baby. IMPORTANT INFORMATION the breast milk is the perfect food for infants from 0 to 6 months: it is best to his specific needs. A good diet of the mother is important for the preparation and prosecution of the breastfeeding.


Milk skimmed-vegetable fat (Palm, copra, rapeseed or sunflower) - serum parteillement demineralized-lactose-starch (corn-potato) - maltodextrins-emulsifier: lecithin of soya-taurine-enzymes lactic-Bifidobacteria-vitamins: A-D3-E-C-B1-B2-PP-B6-acide folic-B12-biotin-pantothenate of calcium-K1-minerals: citrate calcium-citrate potassium-citrate sodium-chloride magnesium-sulfate ferrous sulfate of zinc-copper-manganese-iodide of potassium sulphate sulphate.


800 g pack

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