Bionike Triderm Marseille Liquid Soap 500ml

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For all the family and sensitive skin types.


Triderm soap has all the benefits and properties of true Marseille soap. Known for its cleansing properties,Triderm Marseille soap has been reformulated and dermatologically tested to maintain the skin's natural balance, even for the most sensitive and irritable of skin. This product is ideal for the whole family, due to its ability to cater to the most sensitive and delicate of skin. Can be used whenever cleansing without drying out your skin. Particularly suitable for skin and childcare. Its pH of 8.7 to 9.2 allows it to be recommended for gynecological use, especially for daily personal hygiene. Contains allergen-free fragrances.

Usage Tips:

Massage into wet skin and rinse thoroughly. Employed in gynaelogical use and recommended for personal hygiene.Daily cleansing for all types of skin, including sensitive types and those prone to redness.


Soaps made from fractionated fatty acids (natural surfactants composed of medium/long-chain fatty acids, and thus less irritating, which are similar to sebum in that they can partially restore the lipid surface film on the skin). With foaming and alkaline characteristics, it temporarily raise the pH of the skin. Nonetheless, it is delicate and has no hair-removal effect. Contains cellulose ether and glycerin which are used as excipients. The first A of gelling properties gives it a certain consistency, while the second reduces the aggressiveness of the product because it has emollient and moisturising effects. Also contains Polyquaternium 7, a polymer with high molecular weight capable of forming a protective film on the skin. For skin that's pleasant to the touch after cleansing.

BIONIKE Safe Charter:

No preservatives or gluten. Nickel tested.


500ml bottle