Bionike Triderm bath 500ml oil

Oil bath or shower for sensitive and reactive skin prone to redness. Safe Charter BIONIKE: no preservatives, gluten and tested nickel.

Manufacturer: Bionike



SKU: 6123413 Description: Bath TRIDERM oil is an oil light and melting, to the exclusive and non-foaming emollient formula. Thanks to its formulation high tolerance, it can also be used for daily cleansing of infants and children. Ideal for toilet hyperresponsive skins and atopic tendency, it can be used as well in water bath directly on the skin in the shower. Given the absence of foam, it is suitable also for hydromassage. Very economical, as only a few drops are sufficient to cleanse and moisturize the skin, permanently leaving a movie moisturizing and creamy. Contains the allergen free fragrance. Tips to use: Bath: pour a few drops of the oil of bath TRIDERM in the bathtub for non foaming Milky dispersion. It is not necessary to rinse the bath water. Shower: directly massaging the oil in bath TRIDERM on moist skin and Rinse carefully. Dosage: Is suitable for the daily grooming of sensitive and prone to redness. Can also be used in the presence of cutaneous alterations.For more information regarding the ingredients of this product, please contact us at Packaging: 500 ml bottle