Bionike Triderm Alfa Base washer 500ml

Cream cleansing for the body and hair, reactive skin and tendency atopic. Safe Charter BIONIKE: without preservative, fragrance, gluten and tested nickel.

Manufacturer: Bionike

SKU: 6123382


Atopic skin cleansing cream


The Base washer TRIDERM ALFA is specifically designed for the toilet of hyperresponsive skin with atopic tendency. Made high tolerance, it has a minimum foaming power and a delipidant power reduced to stress already fragile skin. The cleansing TRIDERMA ALFA Base guaranteed a risk of skin irritation and low eyepiece, and suited to the fragile and delicate skin of infants. It is used for daily grooming, from head to feet and Rinse carefully. It is also suitable for a toilet smooth hair, without damaging the scalps delicate and irritated. Can be used on a daily basis and recommend crisis atopic acute. FEATURES: high tolerance and minimum foaming power. Guarantee of a risk of cutaneous and ocular irritation low. FUNCTIONS: gently cleanses. Has a reduced delipidant power. Does not alter the barrier function of the skin.

Tips to use:

Apply and massage the Base washer Triderm Alfa on a wet skin. Rinse thoroughly. Should be the hygiene of mucous membranes.


Toilet dry, hyper-reactive, and atopic tendency.


Sorbitol and glycerine: action moisturizer and protector. Amphoteric amino acid structure cleaners: delicate surfactants in low delipidant power, well tolerated by the skin. Combined with a slightly acidic pH, their antimicrobial action to combat the bacterial proliferation. Cleaners lipoprotein and non-ionic: substances featuring cleaning delicate action moisturizer and protective properties. Almond sweet, emollient, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin oil.


500 ml pump bottle