Bionike Triderm Alfa Base rich 450ml

Emollient care rich texture to moisturize hyperresponsive and atopic skin. Safe Charter BIONIKE: without preservative, fragrance, gluten and tested nickel.

Manufacturer: Bionike

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Moderate and severe atopic skin emollient


The basic rich TRIDERM ALFA is moisturizer, formulated in version rich. True background for hyperresponsive and atopic skin treatment, it can be used in everyday use for the prevention and control of potential recurrent phases. Thanks to its rich texture that guarantees a high emollient power, it is ideal during the cold season as background processing between two recurrences in the most persistent forms. Leaves a sensation of comfort and well be immediate. Its essential formula, no preservative or perfume, was especially designed for more sensitive skin such as infants and children, in order to minimize the risk of allergies and irritations. The basic light TRIDERM ALFA guarantees optimal hydration, without Occlusive effect and phenomenon of maceration. Used on a daily basis, to restore the balance of the barrier function of the stratum corneum. Ideal in the treatment of bottom anti-secheresse.

Tips to use:

Spread on a clean and dry skin. Apply massage. Renew the application several times a day, according to the needs.


For hyperresponsive skins hydration, moderate and severe atopic. Treatment background ideal anti-secheresse. Useful as an adjuvant in dermatology and Pediatrics.


Glycerine: its action moisturizer and protector is widely used in topical use products.


450 ml jar