Bionike Proxera oil Relipidante 100ml

body oil for dry and very dry skin hydrating ideal for large areas.

Manufacturer: Bionike

SKU: 4010308 description of Bionike PROXERA oil Relipidante

The oil Relipidante PROXERA is an oil spray, specifically adapted to the needs of dry and very dry, and specifically impair xerosis. Its regular use allows to strengthen the natural defences of the skin and protect it against environmental pollutants. The oil Relipidante PROXERA restoring the hydrolipid surface film while preserving the elasticity of the skin. It can also prevent the formation of chapped skin and protects from flaking. The small most of the oil Relipidante PROXERA: its spray that allows rapid and appropriate use even at large such as leg areas. It should also be perfectly to men who aprecieront the ease of use of an oil on areas with strong pilosity.

directions for use:

Apply liberally once or several times per day on dry and very dry, of preferences after the daily toilet areas. Do not use on mucous membranes. Observe the instructions of use.


Daily and preventive treatment of xerosis and Ichthyosis. Also suitable for severe skin irritated and infected with the xerosis.


Polydecene hydrogenated, moisturizing highly dermo-compatible that significantly reduces the flakiness. The jojoba oil with moisturizing properties and relipidante, which restores the skin's hydrolipidic film. The powerful natural lipophilic antioxidant vitamin e. Phytosterols to properties anti-erytheme (anti-redness) and dermo-protective (comparable to cortisone nti-inflammatory action). Cholesterol, constituting lipid natural of the epidermis. Omega 6 Ceramide, vector of acid linoleic stabilized (restructuring and anti-inflammatory). Of the Alpha-bisabolol which prevents irritations.

Safe Charter BIONIKE : without preservative, fragrance, gluten and tested nickel.


Spray 100 ml