Bionike Proxera Lipogel lipid-replenishing treatment 50ml

Concentrated care nutritional and healing for the very dry, with xerosis and irritated skins.

Manufacturer: Bionike

SKU: 4010320 Bionike Proxera Lipogel lipid-replenishing treatment 50 ml

healing balm


PROXERA Lipogel is a care recommended for the skin treatment of xerosis of the Ichthyosis of flaking, cracks, of chapping, patches of dry skin (Pityriasis) and Hyperkeratosis (white patches). Totally adapted to the small hassle of the everyday life of the whole family (even), it is the ideal partner to face the severity of the winter, as it allows to protect the skin from climatic stress. Its composition allows restore function "barrier" of the skin and prevents the irritant dermatitis and contact. Thanks to its restorative and healing properties, PROXERA Lipogel is recommended for the treatment of dry post-radiotherapie. This anhydrous monophasic preparation keeps 24 months.

directions for use:

Apply once or twice daily on the areas to be treated massaging gently until complete absorption. Renew the operation according to the needs.


Treatment of skin dryness constitutional, iatrogenic (radiotherapy, chemotherapy) or the psychophysical conditions induitespar.


Lipophilic base: fraction silicone, triglycerides, Shea butter and beeswax. Film forming, protective, decreases the PIE. Jojoba oil: moisturizing and relipidante. Vitamin E: antioxidant lipophilic, reduced the PIE. Phytosterols: anti-erytheme and dermo-protective. Mimic the anti-inflammatory mechanism of cortisone. Cholesterol: constituting lipid natural of the epidermis. Alpha-bisabolol: prevents irritations.

Safe Charter BIONIKE: without preservative, fragrance, gluten and tested nickel.


50 ml jar