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Bionike Proxera Keratoff cream urea 10% 100ml

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Cream PROXERA Keratoff is creamy emulsion specifically recommended for the treatment of the desquamatifs States, the delirium to plates and Hyperkeratosis (e.g. plates psoriasis). Indeed, psoriatic, papules lesions and erythematous, often covered with silvery scales, plates are due to a phenomenon of hyperproliferative keratinocytes (epidermal approximately ten times faster than the normal skin renewal) is The HYPERKERATOSIS.

Then it is imperative to act simultaneously to reduce the Hyperkeratosis, reconstruct the film hydrolipique of surface and feed the skin. Thanks dosed at 10% urea, PROXERA Keratoff cream exerts a gradual kerato-modulatory action and restores natural hydration of the skin (the hydrolipidic film restoration).

This is the ideal complement to Dermatologic therapies, particularly those related to desquamatifs States in chronic plates such as the treatment of psoriasis. The cream PROXERA Keratoff warns of sensations of tingling and tightness specific to skin dryness.

directions for use:

Apply to affected areas (heels, elbows, knees, plaques of psoriasis...) and massage until completely absorbed. Repeat application several times a day if necessary, until you get a feeling of relief.


Treatment of the desquamatifs States, delirium to plates and hyperkeratosis.


Emulsion water in oil which allows to obtain a moisturizing action delayed and prolonged in time, while mitigating any tingling sensations. Urea dosed at 10% to exercise a kerato-modulatory action: induced differentiation of keratinocytes and decreases their proliferation. To reform the skin hydrolipidic film while increasing the intracellular water of the horny layer content and reducing itching. 1% sodium lactate, promotes cell renewal and has intense moisturizing action. Gluconolactone: regulates keratinisation and accelerates cell renewal. Allows preventing oxidative damage thanks to its antioxidant properties and has a moisturizing and emollient action.

Safe Charter BIONIKE: without preservative, fragrance, gluten and tested nickel.


Tube 100 ml

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