Bionike Proxera Emulsion 400ml body

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Care emollient to moisturize and restructure dry, very dry, even suffering from severe xerosis.

Manufacturer: Bionike

SKU: 4010277 Bionike Proxera Emulsion 400 ml body

Body PROXERA emulsion is a rich cream and restructuring, ideal as a treatment for dry, very dry and xerotiques, even serious. Very moisturizing and non-sticky, it is perfectly absorbed by the skin to ensure immediate hydration and long lasting. Its unique formula, structure in liquid crystals that to "mime" the intercellular lipid organization of the skins, allows for optimal absorption without leaving a greasy film sensation. The body PROXERA emulsion preserves water of the skin, increases skin protection and inhibits induced damage. It gives a feeling of immediate relief to dry and uncomfortable skin.

directions for use:

Gently, apply the body PROXERA Emulsion on all areas to be treated, suffering from drought. It is recommended to renew the application as many times as necessary to optimize results, especially after the daily toilet. Massage until completely absorbed. Is not suitable for mucous membranes.


Treatment daily and preventive xerosis, Ichthyosis, crack, crevice and eczema.


Structure in liquid crystals which "mimics" the intercellular lipid organization of skin and preserves water supplies. Triglycerides and dermo-compatible oils which restore the lipid film surface, thanks to their protective, nourishing and emollient properties. Glycerin and glycols, osmoprotective water-soluble allowing cells to work regularly, even in adverse environmental conditions.


400 ml jar



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P. Stefano
  the 17/04/2016
5/ 5
Very good for dry skin.