Bionike Defence Tolerance water cleaning essential 200ml

Water gel cleanser and make-up Remover, face and eyes. is suitable for intolerant and hyperresponsive skin.

Manufacturer: Bionike

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SKU: 6069234 Bionike Defence Tolerance water cleaning essential 200ml

Water cleansing make-up Remover


Defence Tolerance water cleaner essential is water at the slightly gelled texture for a soft ultra toilet of intolerant skins. Formulated specifically for the needs of fragile and highly reactive skins without aggressive surfactants, it cleans and cleanses while preserving the skin's hydrolipid barrier.

Its regular use helps prevent redness and chapping. Thanks to a formula containing few ingredients, including make-up refreshing substances and Provitamin B5, the Tolerance essential cleansing water Defence can if use daily for a toilet perfect and delicate rinse.

it is indicated where the tap water is very hard, which can easily dry out the skin, especially in the case of sensitive and intolerant skins.

directions for use:

Apply several hazelnuts water cleaning of the fingertips massage on the face and neck. Remove excess with a cotton disk. The cleaning water can also be applied directly on a cotton disk, and then perform a light massage on the face. Renew operation up to this that cotton is clean. It is very soft, the water cleaning essential may apply on the outline of the eye.


For a toilet and an extremely soft cleansing of hypersensitive and intolerant skins.


Substances refreshing: they easily remove make-up and impurities. They have the capacity to maintain the natural moisture of the skin, opposing to dehydration (weathering) natural conditions which cause skin dryness and chapping. Panthenol: it has a triple beneficial effect: hydrating, restorative - it promotes natural regeneration (renewal and healing) and soothing process in the presence of redness.


200 ml bottle