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Bionike Defence Tolerance micro-drops soothing 150ml

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SKU 6069240 Bionike Defence Tolerance micro-drops soothing 150ml

Calming soothing water


The soothing Defence Tolerance micro-drops is water medical, ideal for calm and soothe irritated skin. Its exclusive formula BIONIKE contains a patented association - glucan/L-Carnosine, balancing and protective properties in solution cosmetic high tolerance.

Composed distilled of Calendula-based properties anti-redness and remedial, and provitamin B5, it allows to reduce redness, to fight free radicals and protect the skin from oxidative stress. Its use can also facilitate the mechanism of repair of the epidermis.

The use of the micro-drops Apaisantes is recommended when the skin has been assaulted in the presence of redness, irritation, Burns, rashes... Can also be used post-acte dermocosmetology (waxing, laser, peeling,... pulsed light) to soothe and supported.

directions for use:

Spray on the face and body after the daily toilet or according to the needs, even several times per day. A DAB to do step dehydrate the skin.


Soothe skin redness, even in the event of particularly sensitive and reactive skin.


Patented association - glucan/L-Carnosine: reduces redness and irritation. Fights free radicals, to protect the skin from oxidative stress. Facilitates the repair mechanisms of the epidermis. Panthenol (PROVITAMIN B5): moisturizing and rpithlialisant, it has a soothing and restorative action. Suitable also for use on sensitive skins, is a rebalancing skin effectively. Distilled water of calendula: has properties anti-redness and promotes skin repair mechanisms. Derivatives of calendula are particularly suitable for the care of delicate and sensitive skin both for their soothing action on the redness for the improvement of the characteristics of the skin defense.


spray 150 ml

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