Bionike Defence Tolerance 100 cream base protective and Fortifiante 50 ml

Cream moisturizing daily protector, specific sensitive and intolerant skins.
Manufacturer: Bionike
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SKU: 6069211 Bionike Defence Tolerance 100 base protective and Fortifiante 50 ml cream

Cream moisturizing daily intolerant skins


The Defence Tolerance 100 Base cream protective and restorative is a daily treatment with the texture light and moisturizing, high tolerance. Its exclusive formula BIONIKE contains a patented association glucan/L-Carnosine in 1%, balancing and protective properties in care cosmetic high tolerance. Enriched with jojoba oil, the Tolerance 100 cream protects the skin's natural defences, fights free radicals and prevents skin dryness.

it is ideal to daily or to prepare the skin before the dermo-cosmetic care types waxing, laser, pulsed light, peeling...

directions for use:

Gently massage morning and evening to face, neck and neckline perfectly cleaned.


Moisturizer and protector quotdien of sensitive and intolerant skins


Glucan: polysaccharide from a yeast (saccharomyces). -Glucan action is exercised especially on fibroblasts, within which it stimulates the production of collagen, resulting in the reduction of small wrinkles and increase skin elasticity. L - Carnosine: natural dipeptide found in many tissues that possesses a significant antioxidant action and anti-free. It preserves elsewhere cell integrity, through its effects on protein metabolism and its detoxifying towards natural catabolite effects. Patented Association - glucan/L-Carnosine: stimulates the skin's natural defences, protects the skin from photoaging and has a free antiradicaux action.


50 ml tube