Bionike Defence smooth 200ml cleansing milk

Fluid Emulsion for dry and very dry skin cleansing. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Manufacturer: Bionike
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SKU: 6069180 Bionike Defence smooth 200 ml cleansing milk

cleanser dry skin and dry very


Defence gentle cleansing milk is an emulsion fluid and smooth, ideal for daily cleansing and make-up removal of dry and very dry, even sensitive skins. With a formula based on a content high phase lipid (triglycerides), Defence milk cleansing sweetness allows to remove make-up and eliminate traces of makeup and impurities, while respecting the skin balance. Enriched with oil of sweet almond, it prevents irritation and dryness, skin remains supple and soft, protected. Complexion has regained its luster, it is fresh and bright. Very soft and non-aggressive, it respects the skin balance. Ideal for those wishing a soft, easy and fast and no-rinse cleansing.

directions for use:

We recommend that you follow the following guidelines for the use of Bionike Defence milk gentle cleansing:

Apply several hazelnuts of cleansing of the fingertips massage on the face and neck.

Remove excess with a cotton disk.

Makeup remover can also be applied directly on a disc of cotton, then make a slight massage on the face. Renew operation up to this that cotton is clean.

Do not apply to the contour of the eye, it is recommended to use a specific to this very fragile area. Do not rinse. For an optimum face toilet, it is recommend to finish makeup using the Defence Lotion tonic refreshing.


Clean, smooth, dry and very dry skin. Use to remove all traces of makeup and uncleanness.


Sweet almond oil: vegetable oil with a high content of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It combines great emollient and nourishing properties to a very high degree of tolerance, even by the most delicate and sensitive skin. Aloe vera: plant extract consisting of a complex of substances for action moisturizing, soothing, protective and reepithelialisante established. Distilled water of calendula: due to its flavonoid content, it has an action anti-redness with decongestants and softening effects. Distilled water of pale pink: perfume it gently, while toning and refreshing.


200 ml pump bottle