Bionike Defence refreshing tonic Lotion 200ml

Toning solution without alcohol, sensitive and ideal for the cleaning of hides noramles.

Manufacturer: Bionike

SKU: 6069197 Bionike Defence Lotion tonic refreshing 200 ml

Defence Lotion tonic refreshing is a tonic without alcohol solution ideal for complete toilet of the face. After removing makeup or the daily toilet, it brings a feeling of cleanliness and freshness immediately.

Thanks to its slightly acidic pH, it has a delicate astringent action, while respecting the physiology of the skin. the face is bright, skins grain is refined. all of the last traces of makeup or impurities are eliminated and the complexion is clear and fresh.

composition based on Aloe Vera , recognized for its soothing and protective properties, and floral waters rose and Witch Hazel cleansing and toning, actually an essential product for the normal and sensitive skin daily toilet.

directions for use:

Apply by dabbing on the face and neck with a cotton disk. do not apply to the contour of the it. Do not rinse.


Improve the daily face toilet when the skin is sensitive and intolerant. Recommend after the use of a toilet to rinse, to restore the natural hydrolipidic film.


Aloe vera: plant extract for moisturizing, soothing action, protective and reepithelialisante established. Distilled hamamelis water: due to its astringent agents (tannins) content, it has a purifying, toning and lenitive action in the presence of redness. Distilled rose water: refreshing effects. Panthenol + Allantoin: combination of ingredients reepithelialisants and protective that also has a soothing effect on redness. Complex moisturizer (sorbitol + sodium PCA, sodium lactate): formed of two components of the natural moisturising factor (NMF) and sugar (sorbitol), rebalance the hydrolipidic film effects there.


200 ml bottle