Bionike Defence Lipdesign Magnolia N201 pencil Color


SKU 6426875


Lip contour pencil


Color Lipsdesign Magnolia Defence allows a makeup smooth sensitive skin thanks to the philosophy of no of laboratory BIONIKE: without preservatives, fragrance-free, gluten-free and tested nickel. This lip pencil has a smooth and fluid, formula to draw a net and precise stroke. It defines perfectly the contour of the lips and extends the lipstick. Enriches waxes and oils of natural origin, its texture is extremely smooth, comfortable and emollient. Available in six shades.

Tips to use:

Draw the outline of the lips of the corners to the Center for the lower lip and proceed in the opposite direction to the upper lip. He is an adviser to apply pencil lip liner before lipstick, to improve the holding.


For gently make-up the lips of people with sensitive and intolerant skin.


Mixture of natural waxes (bees, carnauba, candelilla): for a consistent but creamy texture. Plant lipids: for fluidity. Agents additives (sericite, silica): they improve the feel while maintaining a precise line.



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