Bionike Defence Hydra 5 Radiance BB moisturizer natural SPF15 40ml

BB cream moisturizing, lightweight and protective 5 active hyaluronic acid forms

Manufacturer: Bionike

SKU: 6069346 Bionike Defence Hydra 5 Radiance BB moisturizer natural SPF15 40ml

Moisturizing cream BB


Defence Hydra 5 Radiance BB cream moisturizing natural is a mild, lightly pigmented texture, for a radiant and optimal hydration to the daily. Various factors are responsible for dull complexion and dull: lack of sleep, pollution, tobacco, poor food hygiene...

Inspired by the concept of the BB cream for " Blemish Balm", the Radiance cream BB lets blur skin imperfections, while lightness and transparency. The redness and age spots are mitigated, the wrinkles are dimmed, the complexion is smooth and unified to give the impression of a perfect naked skin.

an effective formula

Thanks to a technical, and effective formula usage allows the daily to increase the natural ability of the skin to retain water, while the moisturizer in depth. Defence Hydra 5 Radiance BB cream is the indispensable product to preserve daily capital youth of all types of skin, even sensitive, to prevent old age marks and harmoniously unifying the complexion.

The heart of the range Hydra 5 formula contains core assets (acid hyluronique and complex phyto antioxidant) and recognized as participants in the functioning of the cell renewal of the skin. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid was fractionated to obtain 5 molecular weight (high, medium, low, very low and microspheres) enabling thus to act on the hydration of the different strata horny for a plumps in-depth effect.

It also helps to improve defense mechanisms and improves the barrier function of the skin. Phyto-complex antioxidant combines energizing, fortifying properties virtues antioxidant because very rich in polyphenols (action against harmful external agents such as UV rays, environmental pollution...).

The Radiance BB cream Hydra 5, thanks to its light texture, is very quickly absorbed and assimilated by the skin. It is ideal for all types of skin, even sensitive. The skin has found its flexibility, is permanently protected from external aggressions. For still more visible results, it is recommended to use the other products of the range Defence Hydra 5. Ideal as a base for make-up.

directions for use:

Apply on the face after a neat toilet.


Standardize and brighten the complexion, merme for sensitive skin.


Hyaluronan in five active forms: protects from water loss, normalizes the process of natural cell renewal, prevents damage due to external agents, improves elasticity and skin tone. UVA/UVB filters: combination of filters photostable to secure a wide range of protection against damage due to daily radiation (SPF 15). Formulated to minimize the presence of Nickel, chromium and Cobalt in each batch production and tested in accordance with Directive 94/27/EC European.


40 ml tube