Bionike Defence Hydra 5 Booster fluid moisturizer intensive 30ml

Super serum moisturizer 5 active hyaluronic acid forms
Manufacturer: Bionike


SKU 6069317 Bionike Defence Hydra 5 Booster fluid moisturizer intensive 30 ml


Defence Hydra 5 Booster fluid moisturizing intensive is an emulsion concentrated fresh and light texture. It allows a hydration deep and long lasting on the upper layers of the epidermis by increasing the natural skin's ability to retain the water.

Thanks to a unique formula based on assets concentrated and effective Defence Hydra 5 Booster is the indispensable product to preserve daily capital youth of all types of skin, even sensitive, and prevent old age marks. The heart of the Hydra 5 range formula contains core assets (acid hyluronique and complex phyto antioxidant) and recognized as participants in the functioning of the skin cell renewal.

The high concentration of hyaluronic acid was fractionated to obtain 5 molecular weight (high, medium, low, very low and microspheres) enabling thus to act on the hydration of the different strata horny for a plumps in-depth effect.

It also helps to improve defense mechanisms and improves the barrier function of the skin. Phyto-complex antioxidant combines energizing and restorative properties virtues antioxidant because very rich in polyphenols (action against harmful external agents such as UV rays, environmental pollution...).

Very light and not bold, this serum is very quickly absorbed by the skin and allows the following care to be better assimilated. For still more visible results, it is recommended to use other care of the range Defence Hydra 5

directions for use:

Apply the Booster Hydra 5 morning and evening to face, neck and dcollet, after a neat toilet. Can be worn alone as very comfortable in association with other creams range Defence Hydra 5 or Defence Elixage.


Dehydrated, sensitive and easily irritable skins hydration or having allergy problems.


Hyaluronan in five active forms: protects from water loss, normalizes the process of natural cell renewal, prevents damage due to external agents, improves elasticity and skin tone. Phyto complex anti-free free: acts as an anti-stress agent that enhances at the same time. Composed of: Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract: plant typical of far East, known as "plant of immortality", to the reinforcing of barrier function and energy characteristics. Etrait of Cistus incanus: characteristic plant of the Mediterranean area, known as one of the richest in polyphenols with antioxidant properties to combat free radicals due to external agents (, UV rays, pollution). Glutamine: amino acid most present in our body. It represents an energy source for cells.


30 ml bottle

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