Bionike Defence foam cleanser 150ml

Water foam cleanser and make-up Remover to rinse, for the normal and sensitive skin daily toilet.

Manufacturer: Bionike

SKU: 6069205 Bionike Defence foam cleanser 150 ml

Foam cleansing cleansing


Defence foam cleanser is a crystalline solution which, thanks to its special pump system, turns into a creamy foam. Very soft, this foam enables perfectly clean face and neck, impurities its eliminate smoothly.

Enriched with refreshing substances, the Defence foam cleaning of Bionike eliminates perfectly all traces of makeup, even resistant.

It is suited for normal and sensitive skin toilet, because it respects the skin balance and neutralizes the drying action of the scale in water. The face is fresh and invigorating, the skin is soft and comfortable.

directions for use:

Massage the equivalent of one or two damp prelabalement facial foam hazelnuts and circular massage. Rinse thoroughly. do not apply to the contour of the eye, it is recommended that you use a specific to this very fragile area product.


For a delicate face, rinse with water toilet.


Substances refreshing: easily remove make-up and impurities. They have the capacity to maintain the natural moisture of the skin, opposing to dehydration (weathering) natural conditions which cause skin dryness and chapping. Surfactants: delicate, non foaming and used at low concentrations to ensure a moderate delipidant effect. Distilled rose water: refreshing and soothing effects. Of Morocco (Ormenis multicaulis) Chamomile essential oil: oil distilled steamed from the flowers of a wild variety of Chamomile, soothing effects and decongestants.


150 ml bottle