Bionike Defence Eye anti-wrinkle cream eye cream 15ml

Care preventive anti-wrinkle, sensitive eyes. tested Opthalmologiquement.

Manufacturer: Bionike

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SKU: 6069139 Bionike Defence Eye anti-wrinkle cream Contour of eyes 15 ml

Defence Eye anti-wrinkle is a treatment with the texture rich and creamy, which prevents the formation of wrinkles, mitigates them and reduces the depth of existing wrinkles. Well known to all, the wrinkles are often the first sign of skin aging, mostly caused by repeated movements of the eyelids. Wrinkles are sometimes exacerbated by aggressive as the cold and the Sun external agents.

Thanks to a formulation based on assets restructuring, Defence Eye anti-wrinkle exerts a protective action in combating free radicals and photoaging. The depth of existing wrinkles is reduced and its regular use allows to prevent effectively the arrival of new wrinkles. Defence Eye anti-wrinkle offers a comfort feeling special, while being an excellent makeup base.

Ophthalmologist tested. The skin of the contour of the eye being very fine and so fragile, it is essential to implement appropriate and specific care. For best results, it is recommended to use the Defence Eye anti-wrinkle in association with the Defence Eye Lifting Gel cream.

directions for use:

Apply to the Periocular area by tapping gently. Excellent makeup base.


Prevent and reduce the formation of "Crow's feet" and wrinkles of the Periocular area in people with sensitive eyes. Recommend for dry and very dry skin as night care.


Association of ceramides and oligopeptides: activates the mechanisms of cellular communication by promoting the supporting tissue. Biopolymer of proteins of Sweet Almonds: thanks to cutting-edge technology, this biopolymer is cross-linked, to increase his skin affinity and its absorption. It forms a three-dimensional network able to create a continuous, elastic and flexible film for a more toned skin. Glycyrrhetic acid 18 - And alpha-bisabolol: by-pass the lenitive action plant established substances that provide a particular feeling of relief and reduce redness and irritation. Glucan/L-Carnosine: patented association which stimulates the skin's natural defences, protects the skin from photoaging and has a free antiradicaux action.


15 ml tube