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Bionike Defence Elixage Elixir fluid regenerating 30ml

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SKU 6069263 Bionike Defence Elixage Elixir fluid regenerating 30ml

Serum ANTI AGE sensitive and intolerant skins


DEFENCE ELIXAGE Elixir regenerating is a Global anti-aging serum for mature, sensitive and intolerant skins. Real concentrated energy and youth through complex Subli - F.A.C.E., this anti-aging serum is specifically on the visible signs of age: the marks of expression are less obvious and the features of the face are more relaxed.

Complex Subli - F.A.C.E., exclusive formula BIONIKE, contains of powerful assets Antiaging: biotechnology assets stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and laminin-5, associated with stabilized vitamins that facilitate the synthesis of collagen and have an antioxidant action and lycopene, which strengthen the skin facilitating the synthesis of collagen.

Regular use of this serum can effectively stimulate the natural production of the structural components of the skin, promote skin regeneration and strengthens the defences of the epidermis.

Day after day, skin appears smoother and more compact. The Defence Elixage Elixir is an anti-aging care specifically adapted to the needs of sensitive and intolerant skins. For best results, it is recommended that you to use the Defence Elixage range anti-aging care.

directions for use:

Apply the Defence Elixage Elixir regenerating morning and evening to face, neck, and dcollet thoroughly cleaned, under the day cream Defence Elixage velvet or Satin.


Care anti-aging intensive all types of skin, to combat the signs of aging. Suitable for the more delicate, sensitive and intolerant skins.


Complex Subli - F.A.C.E.: active complex working in synergy on several fronts to combat the signs of aging and improve the aspect and the compactness of the skin. It is composed of the following elements. Derived from biotechnology polysaccharides that Act on the keratinocytes. Conveyed in liposomes, they stimulate the production of: hyaluronic acid (reserve H2O), elastin (index of 'Youth' of the skin) and laminin-5 (factor of cohesion of the dermo-epidermal junction, intercellular cement). VITAMIN F (linoleic acid): fatty acid essential oil of olive (olea uropea), essential to the balance of cell membranes. Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate): turns into retinol in the skin where it promotes the regeneration and the perfect organization epidermal strata. Vitamin C (stable form): direct antioxidant, involved in the mechanisms of formation of collagen. Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate): converted to tocopherol, it has an antioxidant action and protects cell membranes. LYCOPENE Phyto-ingredients: highly antioxidant carotenoid, Anti-ROS(Oxygne singulet). Strengthens the skin by encouraging the production of collagen. Moringa oleifera oil: content in oleic acid high, rich in vitamins A and C. officer amplifying soft focus: fine powder consisting of spherical microparticles extremely mild, because very elastic and therefore easily deformable. Finely module texture and reduces the visibility of wrinkles.


30 ml bottle

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