Bionike Defence Elixage balm Contour eyes-lips 15ml

Specific care anti-aging high tolerance, skins mature double uses: eyes and lips.
Manufacturer: Bionike


SKU 6069257 Bionike Defence Elixage balm Contour eyes-lips 15 ml

Balm AA dual-purpose eyes lips


The Defence Elixage balm Contour eyes-lips is specially designed for these very sensitive and delicate areas that are the eyes and lips.

Complex Subli - F.A.C.E., heart of exclusive formula BIONIKE, contains of powerful anti-aging active:

stimulating biotechnology assets the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and laminin-5, associated with stabilized vitamins that facilitate the synthesis of collagen and have an antioxidant action and lycopene, which reinforce the skin facilitating the synthesis of collagen.

The skin is toned, smooth and light, as regenerated: wrinkles are less obvious and the facial contour is better defined. Specifically adapted to delicate and fine eye and lips contour areas, this treatment provides a filler instant and noticeable effect.

, Defence Elixage balm Contour eyes-lips is enriched with avocado oil, butter, Shea and in Agent Texturant Soft-focus to the reconstructive properties regenerating and anti-wrinkle.

directions for use:

Apply morning and evening on the contour of eyes and lips by tapping gently. For best results, it is recommended to use the products in the range Defence Elixage.


Care intensive anti-a ge advocated for the already marked skins that appear little light, with signs of loosening and obvious wrinkles.


Complex Subli - F.A.C.E.: active complex working in synergy on several fronts to combat the signs of aging and improve the aspect and the compactness of the skin. It is composed of:-Polysaccharides of biotechnological origin: they affect the keratinocytes, stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and laminin-5. -Vitamins F.A.C.E. (linoleic acid, retinyl palmitate, ASCORBYL palmitate, tocopherol acetate): carried in Phospholipid to a greater bioavailability, they facilitate the synthesis of collagen and have a regenerating and antioxidant action. -Lycopene: phyto-ingredients at very high antioxidant potential, which strengthens the skin facilitating the synthesis of collagen. -Avocado oil + Shea butter: this combination of plant lipids offers the restorative properties of avocado oil. The latter, with its intake of Omega 6 fatty acids, promotes the synthesis of ceramides and protective and regenerating effects of Shea butter. -Agent amplifying soft focus: fine powder consisting of spherical microparticles extremely mild, because very elastic and therefore easily deformable. Finely module texture and reduces the visibility of wrinkles.


15 ml jar

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