Bionike Defence Color Cover make-up fluid N 4 Gold 30ml

Foundation fluid Camouflage for the light conditions and little affichantes. Water and perspiration resistant. Safe Charter BIONIKE: without preservative, fragrance, gluten and tested nickel.
Manufacturer: Bionike
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Fluid Foundation medium coverage


The Defence Color Cover background of dyed fluid N 4 Golden perfectly covers skin imperfections of mild and moderate, localized or diffuse, regardless of their colors. Its formula, a special technology issue, associated volatile silicones, for a light, fluid texture (about 20%-dose) covering/reflective pigments when applying. For best results, we recommend that you first use the Defence Color Cover concealer green or coral, based on imperfections (red or bluish) at camoulfer. He leaves a matte finish guaranteed and is water and perspiration resistant. Holding long term, without transfer. With UV index filter 20

Tips to use:

Apply the background of complexion in small quantities on the zones to correct and tapping the tip of your fingers. Left dry. Then apply a background more generous amount of Foundation all over the face, starting from the Center and blend outwards, without forgetting the neck. Choose the background fluid complexion shade closest to the carnation.


Neutralize localized skin imperfections or diffuse on the face and unifies the complexion.


Volatile silicones and nylon, for a light and fluid when applying, texture and matte, uniform and natural finish guaranteed. Matte pigments (with 20% dose), reflective and micronised are treated according to the HPP (HIGHLIGHTER PERMORMING PIGMENTS) technology and guarantee excellent fluidity, a maximum intensity, as well as a radiant complexion and an absolute respect for the color. Sodium hyaluronate: action moisturizing and anti-aging. Vitamin E: antioxidant lipophilic. Protects cells from free radicals damage.


30 ml tube